Ask our MD Simon Evans

With over 10 years experience as an International Award Winning Interior Designer, our uber-talented MD Simon Evans is regarded as somewhat of an Interior Design Guru – not to mention a highly regarded businessman after building up Design by UBER into what VOGUE Magazine described as a “formidable Interior Design team, incorporating more depth and strength than any other design agency we know of!”.

Home Journal Ask our MD Simon Evans

QA with Simon Evans

So after a number of our lovely social media followers got in touch, we sat down with Simon and put a number of questions to him.

How did you start Design by UBER?

I started when I was doing Furniture promotions through Reader’s Offers in National Newspapers, traveling the world to source new and exciting products, and recognising that there was so much more to the interiors world than was being brought to the UK High Street.

I combined that with a successful design record in my own property projects to develop a full-service business.

What has been your favourite project so far?

My favourite project to date is a tough decision but probably has to be the Man Cave we undertook for our serial client David Giovanni, simply because of the overwhelming transformation that we provided and the reaction that receives each and every time I show someone.

Why is space-planning so important?

Space planning is absolutely critical, it is the creative process that makes all of the difference and the one part of our job that ultimately delivers the most value.

It is not just the flow between spaces and the appropriateness of one space next to each other but the scale and the part that plays in providing the emotion behind a space, whether that is creating grandeur through scale or intimacy through smaller spaces.

At what stage of my renovation project should I appoint an Interior Designer?

It really is never too early to engage an interior designer, subject to their skill set.

Someone who can consider the end result from the start will pay dividends in getting the space planning right as well as the lighting and ceiling details before they are taken up by other mechanical services and opportunities are lost to create the perfect aesthetic

What has been the greatest lesson you’ve learned in all this time?

The greatest lesson I have learned is to really take the time to understand your client and every single nuance of the way they live their life at home.

The home is an extension of every aspect of their personality and it plays a hugely important role in happiness and mood. Even on a simple basis, the science of colour and how it affects mood within spaces is a must to know as a designer. I try to treat my clients as friends and not as a transaction and in doing so I get to see the real them.

It is very rare to find an interior that I would personally describe as perfect, however, a few days ago I discovered one that is just that. A grade II listed Georgian vicarage in Cheshire is a property like no other. Design by UBER has created something that is truly remarkable and has exceeded all benchmarks in luxury design.

Martyn White Design – Design Journalist & Interiors Blogger