Channel 5 & My5 show “Million Pound Garage”

The producers of a show titled Million Pound Garage  Conversions came to our offices to shoot an episode to include our client’s man cave for their series.

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Our concept design work featured

We were thrilled to have our award-winning project the focus of the show along with 2 other conversions and relevant services.

We have the full project feature for an in-depth coverage of what we designed and undertook for our client.

When it comes to creating jaw-dropping interiors these guys are in a league of their own.

Sally Lindsey – Voice over for Channel 5

Client’s Enthusiasm

The third episode of the series of ‘Million Pound [Motorhomes]’ focuses on garages and shows our MD, Simon Evans, presenting and talking to our long-standing client David Giovanni about the playful award-winning project.

David and his girlfriend talk us around the home and what we undertook as part of the full-home build by injecting a contrasting vibe and mood with his awkward lower-ground garage to convert it into a games room and entertaining space to showcase his love of supercars. 

Challenges & Details

The turntable idea came in part as an answer to navigate the awkward support beam structure and allows the cars to be rotated for easy exit – but why not use this to your advantage and showcase the cars as well as the exciting mechanism turning it into a rotating podium, fully remote controlled.

There’s some incredible technology and its worth reading more of our challenges and features in the full portfolio article.

Future Plan Progressions

We also briefly discuss future plans for a larger, more extreme scheme for David’s next home to involve a double rotating podium and extensive underground leisure suite as he relocates from Cheshire to Surrey.

Watch the full show

Million Pound Motorhomes / Garage Conversions aired on Channel 5 March 7th at 8pm. Featuring startup super craft beer company Brewdog duo James Watt and Martin Dickie who turned their mum’s garage into the super company it is today. The games room company manufactures bespoke pool tables and a plumber Granville who’s long-suffering partner wishes he’d never undertaken his dream conversion to ‘man cave’ as it keeps them apart. Previous episodes from the Million Pound Homes show highlighted an ex-Formula 1 driver’s mega motorhome for rental and luxury barges.

Watch the full episode

In the words of TV’s Sally Lindsey “The mega Man Cave” project is now available on Channel 5’s catchup service as part of the documentary ‘Million Pound Garage Conversion’.