Tips To Add To Your Interiors So They Feel Cosy & Inviting

Read our Interior Designer top simple tips on how to make your home and its interiors feel warm, cosy and inviting!

Add Candles

Candles are the perfect way to add warmth and a charm to any room in your home.

In addition to being beautiful, they are mood-setting. Candles make a space feel warm and cosy. They can also be therapeutic too! Some people even use it as a means to unwind after a long and stressful day and to cleanse their aura as well as the energy in their surroundings.


Style your shelves

If you are looking for one of the most effective ways to cosy up your home, a shelf is a great choice. No matter what your vibe is, here are a few elements you could apply to any style: wood tones, real plants, matching book covers, a personal piece of décor and a large candle


Add texture


Without texture, a space will fall flat. It’s crucial to look at the room as a whole and bring an area together with mixed materials for vibrancy and warmth. It’s a way of adding depth and dimension to a room as well as comfort.

Interior designers use texture in the form of tactile objects like fabrics, wood and stone to add physical comfort and visual interest to a space. Mixing materials and layering is key to making textural elements work.


consider warm lighting

Light can undoubtedly change the feel of a room. You can cosy lighting in a few ways – get some lovely lamps, floodlights, ceiling pendants or dimmers. However, when it comes to the light bulb, the best choice would be a warm white LED light.

Opt for luxurious looking soft rugs

Adding a soft, cosy rug will significantly impact any room. Choosing natural materials like wool, cotton, and jute will give the space a relaxed and warm feel.
If the room feels too cold, you can always add a pop of a warmer colour to create a warmer feel to the space.


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