Design by UBER’s Take on Speakeasy Bars

Many of our clients are now coming to us stating that they would like us to design speakeasy style bars in their homes. Therefore, our designers travelled to Hong Kong to see some of the most famous speakeasy bars out there for project inspiration!

What is a Speakeasy Bar?

A speakeasy is a secret bar or nightclub that operated illegally during the Prohibition era in the United States (1920-1933). The term “speakeasy” came from the need for patrons to gain entrance quietly or “speak easy” to avoid drawing attention to these well hidden establishments, which often required a secret code to enter.

Inside, people could enjoy alcoholic drinks, music, and entertainment in defiance of the alcohol ban.

These bars typically feature a covert entrance, therefore they are often concealed behind an unassuming facade—such as a wall of books, a telephone booth, or even blending seamlessly within a retail storefront.

Modern speakeasies are gaining a renaissance and have carved out a niche for themselves in the competitive bar industry by capitalizing on their air of mystique. While they typically celebrate the genre with overtly lavish internal surroundings and offer a diverse range of drinks, including specialty cocktails, the lure of a speakeasy lies primarily in its mysterious entryways and intimate environment – adding a real sense of the forbidden and fun.

The Asian market is enjoying something of a boom in these establishments eager to push the boundaries of design. Our designers travelled to Hong Kong and the surrounding area to indulge and experience some of the best speakeasy bars in the area, researching and taking inspiration for upcoming projects.

Dragonfly speakeasy bar

Drangonfly Speakeasy bar

Hong Kong speakeasy bars

Dragonfly is a boutique bohemian cocktail lounge located in the historical chambers of Tai Kwun. The main bar is a sea of rich shades of turquoise with a gorgeous array of Tiffany stained glass lamps, tables and candle holders, while the back wall is dominated by a sculpture of a Mucha-style lady riding on a huge metal dragonfly (a classic Art Nouveau motif).

The concept is carried through in incredibly meticulous detail, right down to the worked copper coasters and elaborate glass water goblets.

Maggie Choo’s Speakeasy Bar

Hong kong speakeasy bars

Maggie Choos, a rather hidden speakeasy bar located in Tai Kwun. The decor resembles an abandoned bank that was built by the East India Company in 1847, complete with an antique-style bank vault door, iron spiral staircases, and bank-teller cocktail bars where bartenders religiously shake and stir artisanal cocktails.

Maggie Choo’s is located just above Iron Fairies, tucked away at the back of an antique shop. To enter, you’ll need to find the tiny button located in one of the antique masks inside the shop.

maggie choos speak easy bar
Penicillin Speakeasy bar

Penicillin Speakeasy Bar 

Hong kong speakeasy bars


The bar takes its name from Alexander Fleming’s discovery of the antibiotic penicillin and the white-tiled, borderline-scientific interior undeniably hammers home the identity.

Behind the bar, you can see all of the equipment and gadgets you would find in a laboratory.

Speakeasy Bar Concept Board

design by uber speakeasy bars

Our clients came to us with the desire to create an intimate speakeasy bar and wine cellar in the basement of their home.

This space overall will be incredibly moody with ambient lighting, rich & dark colour tones running throughout, earthy patterns and clustered seating to reflect an undoubtedly intimate cosy setting.


speakeasy bar concept images
speakeasy bar

Elevations of Our Clients Speakeasy Bar 

Design by uber speakeasy bar

The design of our client’s home speakeasy bar incorporates feature shelving which will sit in front of a mirrored wall with antique brass framework and fixtures.

The wall will have boxed storage, some open to display bottles and some with brass metal mesh panels to conceal bottles too. All will be illuminated to showcase the chosen displayed alcoholic beverages. 

Narrow ribbed banquette seating will be upholstered in a rich dark blue fabric and dressed beautifully with accent cushions.


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