The FT’s “How to Spend It” feature

When the technology editor Jonathan Margolis of the FT’s How To Spend It magazine was excited enough to come up and interview our project we felt a rush of satisfaction that the hard work of our team and partners would reach a fitting and receptive audience.

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Turning heads of the world’s media

After all, if it could capture the interest of one of the most respected magazines and techno journalists, we had possibly created something other people might find as special as we believe it is.

Has one Manchester-based major-league tech fan out California’d California and built the ultimate man cave?

J. Margolis – Tech Writer Financial Times

In The Spotlight

We are both thrilled and honoured to be featured on the front page as the main story on their website as a full article as well as a 4-minute in-depth video.

The story has gone on to be one of the highest-ranking ‘most popular’ stories.

Cutting Edge Tech

Earlier in the year Jonathan and his team visited our client’s home in a leafy suburb of Greater Manchester, eager to understand and capture this story as it pushes boundaries of what a modest garage space can become when the imagination flows. To quote from Jonathan’s piece from what our client David Giovanni had to say.

People’s Reactions

Giovanni says that the reaction he gets when men see it is that “it’s like Iron Man’s den”. Whereas for the female audience “it’s Batman’s cave”. Maybe we’re defining a new everyday superhero (!) or at least, a garage and entertaining space fit for them. It has since gone on to win many top awards. So it has captured a somewhat larger audience of imaginative minds.

The original idea for the basement…[was to use the non-parking area] simply as a room to watch football and play pool. It only evolved into a state-of-the-art man cave when the people behind it, Design by UBER, came up with a proposal that ‘totally blew my mind!

Client D. Giovanni