Interior Design Tips For Creating The Best Impression

Follow our easy and simple Interior Design tips for creating the best impression on your guests when they enter your home.

Ensure your guests are impressed with your homes Interior Design

Creating inspiring interior design that makes a good first impression on guests is something that every homeowner wants. When you inject a lot of time and passion into your homes interior it feels incredibly rewarding when your guests admire and complement your home’s impressive interior design.

To help you ensure your home makes a great impression, here are a few ways you can impress your guests.

Hang an interesting pendant light

You need to get your lighting right if you want to impress guests. A pendant lamp is a great choice of lighting for a modern home. However, when it comes to pendant lights, make sure you choose something that has an extraordinary, unusual design – one that calls attention and can trigger visual focus upward.


open plan kitchen with large hanging beautiful pendant lighting

Adopt an open plan design

If you want to create a strong impact in your entrance hall, our designers here at Design by UBER highly recommend adopting an open-plan design if possible. Using this interior design hack, you will be able to create the illusion of more space in your home.


Invest in art displays 

Art displays can provide inspiration for colour palettes. It is certain that your guests will be captivated by the expressive artwork hanging on your wall. However, if you are trying to improve your interior on a budget, you can easily DIY an extract piece yourself or purchase something second hand!


luxury feminine office with luxury art display

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