The most impressive alcohol bottles to showcase your home bar

So, you have a beautiful, bespoke home bar and you’re eager to start entertaining guests but there’s something missing? The open shelves are lacking that wow factor as they’re displaying unimaginative liquor bottles that are on show in most bars. So the question is, why would you fall at the last hurdle when it comes to dressing your home bar when you have spent so much time considering every detail?

The best alcohol bottles are ones that you would be proud to display on your bar tops and pour a drink from. They boast unique shapes and colours that become talking points amongst your guests. People are more attracted to unique and unusual looking bottles of alcohol that really add to their bars, especially if they are out on display for guests to see.

Your home bar

The top 9 bottles you should be displaying

Crystal Head Vodka Aurora

Crystal head aurora vodka is known for its eye-catching skull shaped bottle with a metallic iridescent finish, a tribute to the Aurora Borealis. bottle would make a beautiful addition to your home bar.

Armand de Brignac Ace of Spades Champagne Brut Gold

The famous gold pewter bottle is marvellous. With the Ace of Spades logo articulately embedded on the bottle, Armand de Brignac brut gold is admired for both its stunning looks and its full-bodied flavour. Guaranteed to make an impressive addition to your drinks display.


twisted nose

Twisted Nose takes your senses on a journey into Hampshire’s fragrant green world of watercress, and their crystalline chalk streams.
Presented in a bespoke bottle that ripples and refracts like the surface of a stream, Twisted Nose is a vibrant celebration of provenance and place.
Guaranteed to be a show stopper addition to your bar display.

Blantons single barrel bourbon

This Bourbon dates to 1984. This was the first ultra-premium whiskey on the market, with a signature bottle that made a strong first impression! This distinguished whiskey bottle looks like a cross between a grenade and a perfume bottle.

Khukri Rum

Distinguished by its unique shape it is one of Nepal’s finest rums since 1959. The bottle was especially developed in the shape of a “Khukri”. Due to its Unique Shape the bottle must be individually manufactured by hand and has a rough finish. Nepal proudly proclaim this rum is the “taste of the Himalayas”.


Eminente Rum

Isla de Cocodrilo is the name given to the island where the exquisite Eminente Reserva Rum is produced (Rum from crocodile island). Fittingly, its fluted bottle design is also reminiscent of the skin of a crocodile.


Debowa Polska Military 70 Vodka

Each bottle of Polish Debowa Polska Vodka contains an oak chip through which the unique taste develops. The eye-catching unique bullet shaped oak bottle will be a conversation starter amongst your guests.


KAH Tequila 

KAH Tequila’s inspiration originates from the “Day of the Dead” celebration in Mexico where relatives display the skulls of their loved ones. The bottles are hand crafted and painted so no two bottles are the same.


 Louis XIII Black Pearl

This liquor definitely isn’t for the money conscious! The Louis XIII Cognac is at the top of the list for the best liquor bottle design. The bottle may look like steel or silver, but it is a uniquely coloured Baccarat crystal that reflects and refracts light like no other!