Rachael’s Autumn/Winter Interior Design Trends 2020


As the days become shorter and the temperature begins to cool, the change in seasons is something many of us wish to reflect within our homes. It’s the perfect excuse for a home makeover! So we asked some of our talented interior designers to share their insight into this season’s style trends and what pieces they will be incorporating into their seasonal makeovers.

Here are Rachael’s Autumn/Winter designer picks!


Warm Grey c – A warm grey to complement any interior and offer a neutral base

A deep navy blue to add some luxurious colour into any space, blue is always a strong yet subtle choice especially in the Autumn/ Winter Months


I love these versatile bowls and vases as they are in such neutral warm tones reminiscent of winter nights around the fire.

This fur throw is perfect for winter nights relaxing in the home. It can be draped over a bed or a piece of furniture to add warmth and comfort to the space.

This tray is lined with real Guinea Fowl Feathers trapped inside the base. It makes a beautiful backdrop to display your accessories such as Autumnal flowers and spiced candles.

I would recommend using this tray on a coffee table or in a bedroom.

I love basically everything from Rebecca Udall

If I had to pick I would probably choose her completely customisable linen; She offers fine European linens direct from heritage and artisan manufacturers.

I also think that there is a timeless elegance about white bedding and being able to bring the feeling of a luxury hotel into your own home.