Review Milan Furniture Fair iSaloni

It’s a close call to choose a favourite between this and Maison & Objet in Paris in Jan and Sept. However, if you are concentrating on looking for the best and latest in furniture and lighting THIS is the place to be. All of the big (and lessor) know Italian brands are ‘a given’ over this huge site (some of the vast halls even have a second floor!). It’s a key exhibit for many of our favoured foreign brands, some 2,500, many choosing to showcase new collections, ranges and twists and of course our delight in discovering new brands too.

In this 52nd annual event the French Architect Jean Nouvel was given prime space to show his vision for “Project; office for living.

However, being residentially focused we had a mission on our hands to cover the emerging trends and take in all new concepts for home alone. We noticed a regular occurrence of round edges to marble tables, whether bull-nosed and cornered there was plenty of luscious dark browns as seen here with Erba and Flexform.

Lighting especially had an emerging trend of a definite 50’s theme, seen below with Novamobile, Burra and Henge. Isaloni’s official video trying to capture a fraction of the essence of some of the halls in the below footage.

With over 300,000 visitors it’s only for the seriously dedicated if you want to take it all in. Properly. Sadly we managed non of the satellite events and Brera district fun and ‘only’ managed the full 20 halls, scraped ourselves into cabs and barely made into Milan centre for the occasional meal, so tired were we.

The emerging China and India luxury markets were getting a lot of attention with the PR machine of Cosmit (the organiser) in full swing making sure these armies of guests were given the full VIP treatment by – as opposed to more recent years treated with contempt from suspicious manufactures worried about cheap imitations being photographed at these events then replicated

This allowed the thoroughbreds top-class leathers to stand out even more. 

Bonaldo showpieced their Big Table in bright coloured legs as well as the Red Dot award-winning Still table with cement legs ‘poking’ through the top!

Away from the Fiera itself Tom Dixon wanted to create a space with an industrial backdrop to showcase his variety of home lighting, furniture, accessories and fashion.

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