Whether an apartment, a Grade II listed property, restaurant or a luxurious beauty salon, our ability to design for a diverse range of styles, scales and locations is evident in the wide variety of projects we have worked on and are currently completing.

A selection of our 325 projects worldwide

Classical new-build, Weybridge

Transformation from a 2,000ft semi-detached property to a c. 20,000ft English Home.

New-build shell, Hale

Imposing 8,000ft property in a highly regarded town setting.

Chairman’s apartment, Manchester

Construct of an apartment for the Chairman within a small section of redundant attic space.

Commanding Georgian update, Prestbury

A renovation and update of a classical home with colonial touches.

Cheshire country home, Nether Alderley

Interior design update for some of the key rooms of this homely Cheshire country house

Holiday Villa, Marbella

Sleek and contemporary holiday Villa in Marbella. With full private beach access and sea views from all primary rooms.

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