English lakeside home


Surrounded by steep hills and cliffs Bowness was the setting for our project and is possible the most sought after of all the English lake locations. Windermere, the largest lake in England. Add to that the rejuvenated and cosmopolitan Marina is a stone’s throw and that less than 20 houses have access to the lake itself, makes this one of the most sought after for its location alone. The landscaped gardens snaking down to the water edge lapping at the private jetty, calling you to open the ornate wooden boat house and come enjoy the satisfying therapy of a boat trip out on the vast felt surface.

The Brief

To strip back the property to bare bones, including a thorough health check enabled us to undertake a massive transformation to totally modernise the holiday home to a much more contemporary lifestyle.


Details & Specific Points of Interest

The entrance was converted and now opens up to a large seating area to welcome guests in comfort or take a quiet rest in front of the fireplace. With a glamourous and eclectic mix of pieces and featuring a full wall of mirror to counter the door’s corner opening position.

It was clear that to maximise those monumental views in line with a brief that was to include entertaining, the living quarter needed to be opened up by removing one of the walls to create a larger sitting room come music room with easy access out on to the terrace. The area was visually divided for a zonal delimitation using panels.

The owners covet a glamorous look with the use of metallic fabric and materials to shimmer as well as more subtle sheers and muted tones. Layered with some deeper earthy tone and deep blue velvets creating a very layered luxurious look.

The bespoke bar area shouts out for late night entertainment with a loosely musical theme and plenty of sparkle.

The 5 bedroom property has 3 ensuite bathrooms (with 2 further well-appointed bedrooms in the upper floor). Each were completed to the needs of the owners’ offspring so that they can immediately be comfortable as a home-from-home.

The newly built wooden boat house at the end of the sloped garden adds a romance to the vista and gestures to the charming styles of Austrian and Swiss lakes.

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