Holiday Villa, Marbella


This was a wonderful opportunity to work for the second time with this particular client to produce a property that would not only photograph very well for rental attraction but also deliver real time wow factors.


The Brief

To design and dress the entirety of this wonderful holiday home for a private client with one eye on this being a rental property where durability of finishes as well as budget was critical to ensuring longevity and commercial viability.


Details & Specific Points of Interest

The property is fortunate enough to sit in an idyllic spot on a beautiful golf course with views of the sea in the distance. Clearly there would be plenty of opportunity to impress on the terraces as well as inside the home and this was where our focus began. Sourcing a table that would stand up to the robust aesthetic of the lanai and to seat 20 guests was our starting point. This then lead to us proposing day beds with a similar strength of presence and finishing the pool in a highly reflective mosaic brought powerful colour to this space.

Internally we used lots of natural materials, stones, marbles and limestones to name just a few as well as using the existing rockface to create a wonderful wine cave.

The master bathroom included an open plan en-suite bathroom with two solid stone baths sat on plinths to enjoy the far reaching views and other bathrooms were designed using slab marble as opposed to standard tile formats.

This home was seamlessly designed and furnished from our base in the UK from where we manage many overseas projects and installations.

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