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Whether you enjoy lavish entertaining or a quiet drink with family and friends, the home bar is fast becoming a must-have indulgence in most UK private residences.

create a social environment at home 

One thing most of us have in common is the desire to socialise and it was made impossible with COVID 19 affecting the way we live our lives.

This has played a major role in the rapid increase in the number of people who are focusing on creating a social environment within their home to enjoy with family and friends and why so many of us love our favourite tipples from a bar at home.



Whether it’s you and your family wanting to spend some private quality time together having drinks, or perhaps you’re inviting friends over to celebrate? A home bar can be the special space that creates that super-relaxed zone for a perfect unwind.

evoke a sense of personality

Here at Design by UBER, home bars have been a must have with most of our residential clients.

We can design this space so it blends seamlessly into your living space and functions as a gathering place for guests as we did in this contemporary family home in Lancashire.

Your bespoke home bar design should tell a story and evoke a sense of personality.


create drama

We find that an available back wall is a great starting place for designing a bar, constructing a classic back bar with a platform to display bottles and refreshments is a fabulous starting place for a dramatic effect.


Instant ambience with back-lit stone

We often like to incorporate a semi-precious material like a back-lit stone to the rear of the bar as an effective visual backdrop. Passing light through it has the power to transform the space and set the ambience.

These materials can also be used to clad the wall, the countertop or the bar front itself

Preparation areas & drinks chilling

Whether you have a priceless wine cellar, a penchant for Whiskey & Gins or – like one of our clients – perhaps a rare collection of Port, we design bespoke spaces to store, enjoy and luxuriate over many personal drink choices.

If a temperature controlled cellar or separate space is impractical, incorporating at least one dual-temperature wine cooler will create the perfect cooling conditions for your refreshments. They come in a variety of sizes so they can be installed within the front bar, depending on electrical points.


Also having an upstand to the front of the bar means that we can partially hide a practical area that can be used for preparing drinks.

Installing an inbuilt ice maker, a sink and glasswasher would also be extremely practical if plumbing were available.


The bar top must have an overhang to accommodate the comfort of high stool seating, as well being able to stand at the perfect height to rest your cocktail creations.


Alternatively, for clients who desire a more discreet location for drinks storage without allocated seating, or simply do not have the space for a designated bar we can design a drinks station integrated within your existing interior layout.

Such as a drinks cabinet built into the living room joinery or an inbuilt wine rack with dual temperature settings.



There’s an infinite number of materials that can be used for a bar. These can be selected based on our client’s personal style and desired finish.

Different materials can be applied to the top of the bar to create a luxury feel such as marble and quartz.

Let’s discuss your project

Send us some details of the project you have in mind by filling in our project contact form to better prepare us for your project requirements and we will book a call with you to discuss your new design.