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Too often when we think about work we instantly associate it with stress. The high-pressure hustle and bustle of the working day is certainly not made any easier spending hours in an office environment, usually located in a high-rise building.

working from the comfort of your own home

This is where a home office can stand head and shoulders above the alternatives. Offering you the perks of home comforts with the advantage of having the privacy of working in your very own space.


a space that promotes focus

For many of our clients the home office is an incredibly important room.

Your office should be a place that promotes focus and stimulates creativity while also integrating seamlessly with the interior design scheme throughout your home.

Crafting office designs to suit your personal style 

We craft home office designs to suit your personal style, lifestyle and individuality to create the ultimate professional home working environment.

Needless to say the design of your home office will be strongly influenced by what you do for a living, so firstly our designers will try to gain a full understanding of your profession and your working style to ensure the best office set-up. If your line of work requires a very specific working space, your designated designer can craft completely bespoke furniture with practical solutions that facilitate seamless home working.

When creating our designs we very much consider different working styles. We all have individual, unique ways of working that boost your productivity. While some people may feel more productive in a space where items are stored and concealed within cabinets, whereas others may prefer a more studio style feel where items are displayed and are easily accessible.

overcoming potential home office distractions

We have also found that one of the main disadvantages of working at home can be distractions.

If you have a busy household with multiple family members and younger children running around most of the day, the interruptions from the noises and activity can interfere with your working day.


encouraging a calming atmosphere

Positioning your office in a quieter room away from the busiest areas, like the kitchen, living room and main walkways, can help reduce your exposure to them.

To also encourage that calming atmosphere, make sure the office is located somewhere in the home that you enjoy and will have plenty of natural light streaming in.

Lighting is key 

Another thing to take into consideration is where to place your desk and monitor, as most offices if not all house a workstation and PC. These elements are much more effective if placed in a position where they’re looking out of or are adjacent to a window so there is an available view. If this is not feasible, placing the desk so it’s looking out onto the rest of the room is the next best alternative. Applying this tactic gives you the opportunity to have a visual break from time to time to enjoy a distant view.

The placement of lamps, downlights, and spotlights can be positioned to fill dark spaces ensuring that the room is well-lit. Desk lamps and pendant lights can also be designed according to the sections of your office so that you have suitable lighting for the task at hand.

Shelving with integrated lighting will brighten areas of your room that would otherwise fall into shadow – a lighting feature that has become synonymous with luxury homes and hotels.

inject infinite amounts of personality

A home office isn’t only a great opportunity to craft and tailor a space especially for your specific needs and wants, but it’s a great place to inject infinite amounts of personality and individuality.


Let’s discuss your project

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