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When creating the interior design for any luxurious home spa, pool and wellness area, there are a handful of critical criteria to consider: ambient lighting, durable yet impactful finishes and exquisite detailing as starting examples. 

Initially the most important element to consider when creating a specific ‘wow’ factor space is the overall scheme that this room will be built around.

A Home Pool

The decision to enhance your home with a swimming pool is not an easy one, so we will guide you every step of the way to ensure your swimming pool is built to the exact specification you desire and provides you with a luxurious space to relax and unwind.

So why are more people choosing to have their own leisure facilities at home?

You have unparalleled privacy – a tranquil, serene and contemporary space to wind down and relax in private without time constraints, from the comfort of your own home and its grounds. 

There are mental and physical health benefits – bespoke home swimming pools provide you with a convenient way to exercise and better your health.

Home Investment Return

Incorporating a leisure suite into your home also adds value to your property – luxury swimming and leisure facilities make your home more desirable when and if you want to sell.

High-end facilities draw discerning home buyers and boost your home’s selling appeal. 

Social space?

There also are infinite social benefits – custom home pools provide enormous social perks for you and your loved ones. Ultimately it becomes the perfect setting for friends and family to gather for special occasions, parties and get-togethers.

Determining the use of the pool

Firstly, the use of the pool needs to be determined. Is it going to be a space to entertain children? If so we can accommodate this by making it more child friendly if needed. 

Incorporating rounded edges around the perimeter, shallow ledges within the pool so smaller children can sit in the water and play with their toys, slip and splash resistance, durable finishes, slides, overhead water jets and other features can be crafted into the design which results in the ultimate child’s playground.

Jacuzzi, Steam & Saunas

Is this space strictly going to be a home spa haven – a place to wind down and relax in opulence? If so, including a sauna and steam room and other features like overhead jets will really complement the leisure space and provide it with a spa-like feel. 

Raised hot tubs and jacuzzis are also another opulent addition as well as integrating a statement low-hanging chandelier which sets the tone of sophisticated luxury.

Will this be a place where you can focus on improving your health and wellbeing?

 If so, then a pool acceptable for swimming lengths would be suitable. We can also seamlessly incorporate compact mechanisms into our designs such as counter-current units that help improve your fitness. 

This piece of equipment generates a steady stream of flowing water which you swim against. This has many health and rehabilitation benefits including improving cardiovascular fitness, muscle tone, core strength and general mobility.

Or will this be a place for entertaining?

Somewhere to host gatherings and parties for friends and family? If so, features to take into account to make the most of this space are waterside bars – an area where you can easily make beverages and enjoy cool refreshments.

A projector screen or TV with sunken seating or large day beds so you can relax and watch films and socialise in comfort. Mood lighting to set the tone and portray the feel of Ibiza nights, this can be done with recessed LED lights incorporated into the ceiling that glow various colours.

Setting the tone

The colour scheme, materials and lighting are crucial for setting the tone in these spaces. Whether you want a dark and moody feel that reflects more of a party atmosphere or a light and airy environment that is more in keeping with a Spa feel.

One of the leisure suites we designed for a private residential project portrayed a darker, moodier feel as that was our client’s brief. We achieved this by incorporating dark tile to the wall and a black internal pool finish which gives the appearance of darker water. On the ceiling adjacent to the pool sits a stretched mirror which reflects and intensifies the moody, sultry feel. 

Playful or calming lighting?

We also incorporated LED strips to the perimeter of the pool, around the edge of the ceiling and to the surround of the ceiling coffer which reflects beautifully on the water below. The addition of sunken seating to the side of the pool with low hanging pendant lighting and large bespoke durable cushions adds a touch of luxury to the space.

Choosing spa furniture

Selecting furniture that is suitable for a pool environment is also essential. Its durability is of course crucial, but ensuring the pieces are aesthetically pleasing and complement the overall design is also key.

Let’s discuss your project

Send us some details of the project you have in mind by filling in our project contact form to better prepare us for your project requirements and we will book a call with you to discuss your new design.