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Kitchen Design

The kitchen is now seen as the showpiece of a modern home and sets the stage for all the other design decisions throughout. We all see the kitchen as the social hub of our homes, a space where the whole family can gather whilst still being able to do their own thing.

The showpiece of a modern home

The kitchen is usually branded the most important room and when it comes to selling your property, houses listed with “luxury kitchens” sell faster and usually command a higher selling price. Therefore, if your family life revolves around the glory of food preparation and cooking, this space should be carefully considered.

A fair proportion of your budget should be set aside for the highest quality fittings and finishes to not only impress but stand the test of time.


one of a kind designs

Personalisation of a room is what makes a space stand out from the rest. We do this through incorporating elements such as rich colours, antique mirror, patinated brass, smoked glass, on-trend metallics, back lit onyx stone, statement lighting, textured upholstered seating, as well as unique and ornate handles.

All of these features play a part in making your designs one of a kind.


Bespoke details

Things we consider when designing a bespoke kitchen – a large central bespoke kitchen island. This is often seen as a beautiful focal point in any luxury kitchen as well as holding an infinite amount of practical value.

It provides space for additional storage as well as an area to prepare food and entertain which is crucial.

Beautifully crafted storage solutions

Additionally incorporating hidden storage to hide unsightly everyday appliances such as microwaves, kettles, toasters and coffee machines also helps achieve a de-cluttered, sleek, minimalistic look. A feature we always try to incorporate into most of our kitchen designs if space allows. We like to give these items their own space so the rest of the kitchen isn’t disturbed.

We integrated these design hacks into our private residential project ‘Ribble Valley’. Features such as a separate preparation area to house the inner workings of the kitchen as well as a large pantry which is concealed behind dark timber bifold doors and floating timber cabinetry with recessed strip lighting.

layered, minamilistic, clean lines

The style of this property exudes an elegantly refined Italian style, using layered minimalistic clean lines with earthy tones, soft brown leathers with strong cool marbles and ceramics.

As well as using sleek Italian furniture with pops of colour in the softer furnishings such as the cushions and throws to delineate zones.


completely bespoke elements

Many people make the mistake of not providing comfortable seating around their kitchen island and then find themselves perching uncomfortably on a bar stool for long periods of time.

Our designers craft completely bespoke upholstered, cushioned bar stools for maximum comfort and style allowing your family and guests to relax in utmost comfort.

Seating solutions to suit your lifestyle

In addition, the clever integration of banquette seating creates the perfect set up for social dining and is the perfect seating solution for larger families or families with younger children.

It also adds a more flexible and comfortable dining setting as well as doubling up as nearby social sitting space.

oppulent materials for that luxury feel 

Materials such as quartz, marble and ceramics can also be incorporated to the worktops and splashbacks.

Solid timber and marble can both be used as floor finishes however, something more durable like ceramic tiles that brilliantly mimic the look of marble and other opulent materials can give you a touch of indulgence at a more affordable price.


integrating design hacks to make everyday life easier

We ensure that we flag potential problems that could arise and integrate kitchen design hacks that will make everyday life much easier.

Such as placing convenient charging stations into your kitchen island for your electrical devices so there will be no worries of running out of charge whilst lounging around or working from your kitchen.

Impactful, striking lighting 

A kitchen wouldn’t be complete without impactful, striking lighting. Integrating large low hanging chandeliers and pendant lights over your kitchen island will bring plenty of light into the space, making it appear more spacious as well as adding a touch of opulence.

An additional way of incorporating another light feature is using enclosed LED lighting strips under the work tops and cabinets. This will add another aspect to your kitchen casting beautiful light and shadows below.

Let’s discuss your project

Send us some details of the project you have in mind by filling in our project contact form to better prepare us for your project requirements and we will book a call with you to discuss your new design.