The don’ts of Interior Design

The easy guide for the don’ts of Interior Design.


The don’ts of Interior Design

Home Interior Design projects have their own set of challenges. We see homeowners make decisions over and over again that land them in a scenario where their theme and interior layout just doesn’t work. However, with the help of our professional knowledge we can help guide you into not making some interior choices that you will regret. Understanding these simple tips in the don’ts of Interior Design will ensure you will maximise your interiors and make the right design choices.

nothing but feathers!

We are finding that a lot of people tend to buy cushions filled with stuffing, which make pillows appear lumpy and flat. These pillow inserts should be avoided if you want to achieve the look of plum, karate chopped cushions. If this is the look you are hoping to achieve opt for feather filled pillow inserts. They may be a little more pricey but they definitely make your space look more expensive and luxurious.

Overall, feather cushions can add a touch of luxury and comfort to any living space, and their natural properties make them an attractive option for those who prioritise sustainability and eco-friendliness.



avoid small rugs at all cost!

The sheer scale of a large rug will instantly bring a sense of decadence to a space. An oversized rug shouldn’t be restricted to big area, in fact, where a small rug might make a room feel choppy and therefore small, a large design will have the opposite effect.

Big rugs are also ideal for breaking up a large open-plan space. If you have a room that functions as a living, dining and even kitchen space, a rug can mark out each area. When using a large rug, ensure that at least half if not all of the furniture can fit on the rug.


don’t stop layering!

Interior Designers make use of layering as well as repetition of elements and concepts to attain a professional look. The majority of people understand the principle of layering when it comes to style and when it comes to layout it isn’t much different.

Don’t make everything match!

Pick something you like and after that repeat the shade or the pattern. You jut need to remember the right time to stop and that les is more. Quitting before the look ends up being too “matchy” is key.

small artwork is a big no no!

When it comes to size, people tend to go too small with their wall art. A small piece of art floating awkwardly in a big space dosn’t work well, making the room seem out of balance and proportion. Unless you are going to balance it out with a lot of additional art to fill the space, resist hanging a small piece of art anywhere but on a smaller section of wall.

Similarly, art that’s too big for a small wall will overwhelm the room and throw off the scale. A huge piece of art on a large wall can really work if it takes up proportional space but watch out for hanging art that is too wide on a narrow wall—it leaves too much space on the top and bottom and not enough on the sides. Take the time to experiment with proportions before you buy your pieces. Hang a piece of paper that is cut to size and see what feels most comfortable in the space.

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