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2020 was a defining year for everything but especially for our homes, significantly changing way we use them.

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2021… The year that’s focused on interiors

 So what will 2021 bring for our interiors? With the restrictions of COVID and working from home, looking set to stay in place for much of 2021, this will reflected within interior projects throughout this year. The way in which we value our homes and the spaces we have within them, is something that is unlikely to leave us. We all want to make the most of each and every room in our home. So let’s look at our predicted project trends for 2021!

“We adapt to not only enhance the client’s lifestyle and tastes but to that of the properties architectural influence and surroundings. Every detail is considered from the visual flow and journey through a space to the combination of textures and range of colours throughout. We even choose the scents to suit the rooms in question.”

– Design by UBER

Simon Evans, Managing Director

home gyms and leisure spaces

Are you looking to craft a space that offers a tranquil and somewhat decadent escape from everyday life? Have you considered turning a disused basement into leisure complex or would you like our help to design a bespoke extension, to bring your home leisure dreams to life?

As Gym’s continue to be under COVID restrictions for most of 2021 there is no better time to commence in a leisure suite project within your own home so you can keep on top of your fitness goals.


We can see some new outdoor living trends emerging as we look ahead at 2021. Influenced largely by the rapid shifts in our lifestyle caused by the global pandemic. In 2020 many homeowners began to think of their outdoor living spaces as an extension of their interior spaces and not just a place to have an impromptu barbecue, on a sunny day.

Following the first lockdown back in March 2020, initially many family’s were only able to see one another within their own outdoor spaces. So it’s no wonder creating practical and stylish outdoor living areas are at the top of many homeowners lists this year that we can use all year round!



work from home in style

When the COVID19 situation around the globe hit last year, for many of us working from home was thrust upon us without warning. We now find ourselves juggling working from home, homeschooling, our children and learning to relax in the evenings in the very same spot we have just spent all day working.

Let UBER help create an office space to incorporate the ‘normal’ daily life so you can create that perfect work-home balance.



The trend of media rooms within the home has been ongoing for the past couple of years now, but it looks set to increase this even further year this year. With more time being spent at home than ever before and cinemas having been closed for so long. Homeowners are looking for unique and practical ways to bring that authentic cinema experience to their homes.



With vaccines set to continue to roll out well into Autumn 2021, it looks like many of us will continue to spend more time at home. Create the feeling of being out, within the safety of your own home bar and entertainment space.

We have a wealth of experience in creating cosy and extravagant entertainment rooms, complete with bespoke wine cellars, colour co-ordinated snooker tables and comfortable home bars.