Award-Winning Interior Designers in Cheshire

Design by UBER creates interiors that emphasise our global appeal.

We order spaces into coherence, summoning opulence and precision to maximise the visual capacity of an area. Our contextual approach embraces the geographical, the historical and the artistic elements of locations, all of which inform our multilayered projects.

Our Design Process

Creating starts in-house. Meaning: your house. Our foundation is always the context of a home, seeing what surrounds it and how it sits before exploring the visual narrative. Taking into account practical function, layout and legacy, we add ornate detailing that resonates, paring spaces back to their shells through simplifying finishes and fixtures with a spotlight on finding pieces that really speak. We present homes that feel as if they’ve evolved naturally over time, deeply rooted in their location, filled with characterful pieces that reflect the personalities of the owners.


Our partner company provides us with luxury furniture that syncs quality and originality. When we outsource, we do so prominently, finding styles set to evolve. We love to get deep into the heartbeat of decor, showcasing the fine details of a piece and using the natural qualities of objects to lead the design elements of a room.

Testaments to the Possibilities of Space

Our space planning abilities set us apart. We resize spaces through clever design, unifying rooms through colour palettes, lines that elongate and discreet details that run through objects minimally. We consider layout a functional tool, creating livable interiors that showcase juxtaposition with scale through stark patterns, exaggerated contrast and depth. We look to distinguish spaces on an individual level, presenting interiors that exude easy but elaborate elegance.

The Brief

We’re open to projects. We seek to redefine residential comfort, applying our understanding of our clientele to promote visual connections that concern the whole interior. We design spaces to live in, aiming to give the feeling of permanence through physical pieces that reshape the property cohesively.

Form, Shape & Structure

We’re informed by the intersection of architecture, linearity and layout, sculpting spaces prompted by the physicality of pieces. Doused in saturating statements and dressed in auras that indicate the niche features of a property, the spaces we design are peppered with artworks, furniture and objects intended to portray something distinct. Everything is held together by colour, lighting and angle, offset with just a touch of refined jaunty dissonance.

Texture, Tone & Material

Texture is a thread that runs through all of our projects. The tactile elements of a room are what really bring it together. Whether we’re using contrast, harmony or purposefully rich statements, we piece pieces together carefully to establish common ground between decor that ordinarily might not fuse. We summon an eclectic collection of materials every time, creating a stimulating yet cohesive mix with something to draw the eye in every corner.

Design & the Art of Decadence in Cheshire

With the right fusion of vision and strategy, our interior designers hone in on the ambience of a space to create interiors that glow with design intensity. We’re prompted by setting shifting textures and colours side by side, comprehending how spaces can be transformed through uplifts that reveal new ways of harmonising a room.

interior design team - Design by UBER

Work With Our Design Agency in Cheshire

We’re leading creators of interiors, with design fees that are redeemable against any products you buy through us. Our interior designers provide private residential renovation decorating services that extend limits, resulting in stunning personal statements that make functional art of spaces. Hire our studio for professional design management giving aesthetics a significant rebrand in the realm of interior design.

Our Awards

The outstanding quality of our work is continuously being recognised by esteemed industry judging panels to thousands of public voters for prestigious awards within our community.

We are tremendously proud to be able to say that we have achieved more success at these highly respected award events than any other Interior Design studio outside of London.

What our clients say

We are honoured for the award recognition within our industry, but what really drives us is our clients appreciation for truly enhancing their lifestyle.

When I invited Design by UBER to create a lifestyle from a bland, open space I knew they would come up with something exciting but what they actually produced blew my mind!


Private Client, Cheshire UK

It is very rare to find an interior that I would personally describe as perfect, however a few days ago I discovered one that is just that. A grade II listed Georgian vicarage in Cheshire is a property like no other. Design by UBER has created something that is truly remarkable and has exceeded all benchmarks in luxury design.


Martyn White Design

Design Journalist & Interiors Blogger

We have recently finished refurbishing our kitchen/living area and principal bedroom and could not be happier with the results. Thanks to Design by Uber we have two incredible and beautiful spaces which have the WOW factor every time you walk in. They were great to work with – their creativity and eye for design and detail was excellent. Everything ties together perfectly! Following the success of the project we are now working with them on our study and can’t wait to have it finished too.

Claire Wilde

We cannot express our joy at what you have achieved for us


Private Client, South Africa

I was thoroughly impressed with their creativity. They were always very transparent about their costs and I was able to benefit from the discount on many items that they passed onto me. Their creative approach suited our grade II listed property perfectly and they sympathetically enhanced the existing character into a stunning family home. I couldn’t be more thrilled.

Sue Capper