Luxury Interior Design in Knutsford

Design by UBER in Cheshire is a premium interior design studio. As an award-winning creative agency, we deliver some of the world’s most exceptional interiors.

Our refined approach ensures success, referencing the property to assess and progress its full potential. With innovative, luxurious and cutting-edge designs, our extensive experience with the specific requirements of a setting ensures we create fully operational, aesthetically outstanding interior designs. Our experienced interior design studio pushes the boundaries of interior design, working to any client brief, no matter how ambitious. We’re centred on authenticity, sensitively aligning the structure of a space with exquisite vision.

Our Service

Our service is comprehensive. We fuse idea, strategy, design management and implementation to enhance spaces with individual vision. Our design vision is limitless, unconstrained by genre. We create striking interiors that range in scale and style, focusing on the distinct elements of a space to provide solutions that draw on the innate potential of the environment. We’re committed to working authentically, guaranteeing a site visit as early on in the developmental stage as possible to ensure our planning befits your building with consideration for the spatial elements, light filtration, rhythm and movement. The range of services we offer can be cherry-picked to suit your needs, or entrust us with a full turnkey solution for peace of mind.

Mark Wright Michelle Keegan home design

Our Interior Design Studio in Cheshire

Our agency is situated within the UBER Interiors showroom

You are welcome to visit our lavish showroom – a touching point for some of the incredible home products we can source as well as housing the working studio of our illustrious design team. Our interior design studio in Knutsford provides a fully integrated luxury residential interior design service, working to create elegant interiors of distinction. With a focus on well-crafted, unique designs, tailored to fit each client’s personal needs, we provide a complete package, taking a project from concept to completion.

Where We Work

Our accolade for working across various project types stems back to our ability to take a space independently, assessing its personal features prior to applying design elements and ideas to it. With our headquarters based in Cheshire, we work overseas, nationally as well as locally in Knutsford on all manner of properties, designing to meet the demands of particular spaces. Famed for its association to Richard Harding Watt, who worked across Knutsford to create large houses and associated buildings, including a series of more eccentric houses in the centre of town, on Legh Road, the local architecture is historically and predominantly esteemed. With influences from Italian architecture, jagged structures and balconies, the innovation such work brought to the area instigated a sense of renewal, paving the way for renovations that stand out, function differently and showcase a superior level of creative flair. As such, set against a backdrop of novelty, the projects we come to in our local community provide us with opportunities to think outside the box, allowing us to showcase our distinguished design and remedy spaces that are unique in ways that are just as conceptual and original.

Mark Wright Michelle Keegan home design

How We Work

We have rapidly built a reputation for being a world-class interior design studio, crafting bespoke interiors globally. Since our establishment in 2008, we’ve grown, gaining traction for the way we think. When it comes to creativity, we’re nuanced, setting out ways of working that are led by elegance and style. Our eye for what makes a space work is refined, creating bespoke interiors that are recognisable for their structured decadence. We advise clients comprehensively on the maximisation and functionality of any space, designing in ways that enrich and endorse.

Contact An Interior Designer in Knutsford

From traditional country residences to contemporary urban homes, futuristic conversions, luxury barns, grand halls and lower-storey transformations, our leading design service accommodates. As an agency, we invite you to open your door to us, collaborating to ensure ultimate enrichment led by our award-winning interior design studio in Knutsford.

Our Awards

The outstanding quality of our work is continuously being recognised by esteemed industry judging panels to thousands of public voters for prestigious awards within our community.

We are tremendously proud to be able to say that we have achieved more success at these highly respected award events than any other Interior Design studio outside of London.

What our clients say

We are honoured for the award recognition within our industry, but what really drives us is our clients appreciation for truly enhancing their lifestyle.

When I invited Design by UBER to create a lifestyle from a bland, open space I knew they would come up with something exciting but what they actually produced blew my mind!


Private Client, Cheshire UK

It is very rare to find an interior that I would personally describe as perfect, however a few days ago I discovered one that is just that. A grade II listed Georgian vicarage in Cheshire is a property like no other. Design by UBER has created something that is truly remarkable and has exceeded all benchmarks in luxury design.


Martyn White Design

Design Journalist & Interiors Blogger

We have recently finished refurbishing our kitchen/living area and principal bedroom and could not be happier with the results. Thanks to Design by Uber we have two incredible and beautiful spaces which have the WOW factor every time you walk in. They were great to work with – their creativity and eye for design and detail was excellent. Everything ties together perfectly! Following the success of the project we are now working with them on our study and can’t wait to have it finished too.

Claire Wilde

We cannot express our joy at what you have achieved for us


Private Client, South Africa

I was thoroughly impressed with their creativity. They were always very transparent about their costs and I was able to benefit from the discount on many items that they passed onto me. Their creative approach suited our grade II listed property perfectly and they sympathetically enhanced the existing character into a stunning family home. I couldn’t be more thrilled.

Sue Capper