Contemporary super home


A new build, contemporary super prime property located in a charming rural setting in the rolling countryside of the North of England. The client came to us at the very early stages ensuring that, by working closely with Calderpeel Architects, we were fully involved with the space planning. They also commissioned a full design of the interior of this house involving everything from floor and wall coverings down to the minutest details. Our client had no specific preconceptions about style, their feeling was that the house itself should dictate the style. This made it a very exciting project for us as we were able to give free rein to the creative process and create living spaces that were a seamless extension of the property’s form and environment.

Being involved from inception meant that we could influence the materials that were used and ensure the correct tone is set. We felt that the house would benefit from the use of natural materials and a design scheme underpinned by luxurious wood in rich tones was developed to run throughout the house, creating an effortless flow from one space to the next. The simple understated elegance of the design and furnishings is inspired by Armani hotels – the epitome of “sophisticated comfort”.

The Brief:

To create space planning and styling that fits effortlessly with the property and its environment whilst creating a sense of intrigue, encouraging guests to want to explore the property. Ensure flow throughout the spaces whilst being self-explanatory – guests intuitively knowing which are private spaces and which are not.

Details & Specific Points of Interest

Our space planners and designers really came into their own with this project, with lateral thinking that exceeded all expectations. This is first demonstrated in the entrance hall where layering of detailing is put together with impeccable results.  Upon entering the property, the eye is drawn to the staircase with illuminated tread lighting. This in turn leads up to a sky bridge with concealed lighting detailing which connects the entertainment and bedroom areas.  Throughout the property glazed critall doors to “open” areas are used to encourage guests to explore the spaces.

The ground floor plays host to a home office, a bar, a gym, as well as a private guest suite including two bedrooms and a lounge. Lighting sets the mood from the very first moment one enters the house. Concealed lighting highlights feature artwork mounted on large format tiles whilst a feature wall of silver antique mirror panels with a laser cut brass fretwork detail and inlaid antique brass frame trim is backlit with LED illumination for a stunning halo effect.

There is bespoke designed cabinetry throughout the house. A perfect example is in the study where the floor to ceiling work units and storage facilities feature illuminated shelving with faux leather to the rear. No detail is left unattended and handles in smoked bronze complete the look. The focal point of this room is a stunning desk with antique bronze trim, an inlaid faux leather worktop and handleless drawers for a streamlined look. In the study and throughout various spaces in the house we designed illuminated coffered ceiling details, adding interest as well as enabling the mood of a room to be altered immediately.

This is a property where layering is used to masterful effect utilising complementary and contrasting textures to create a look that speaks of simple sophistication. The art of textured layering is one of the key elements that elevates a design from simply good to truly stunning. For example, the visual impact of stone effect panels flanked by faux leather combined with illuminated timber shelves in dark grey stained oak is magnificent. For an entirely contrasting look we have paired with fabric wall coverings, and offset upholstered wall panels with concealed LED lighting.

A key part of the brief for this property was to ensure a natural flow from one space to the next whilst also indicating to guests which are “open” spaces and which are private. To create this seamless journey through the house we utilised a colour palette of neutral tones offset by either dark wood or grey stained oak cabinetry throughout the scheme.  One of the main “open” areas of the house is the bar and games room which is accessed via critall style Portapivot doors off the hallway. Beyond the bar the gym is separated from it by a vertical wooden slat screen, ensuring the space is distinct whilst offering tantilising glimpses of the area beyond. Once again, the importance of skilful layering is demonstrated. The backlit curved bar in alabaster is the focal point yet every detail in the space is crucial and works in perfect harmony to create an overall ambience akin to the latest of contemporary bars. From the floating timber cabinetry with inlay shadow gap details and feature shelving, to the large format porcelain feature walls, to the floating chimney breast in dark stained oak with bronze inlay details to the illuminated recessed ceiling detailing, every element of the design works symbiotically to create the perfect experience.

The first floor of the house plays host to the kitchen which flows effortlessly into a spectacular family room. Floor to ceiling windows in the family room are mirrored by Portapivot style glazed sliding pocket doors at the opposite end of the space in the kitchen. These flood the rooms with an abundance of natural light. A vaulted ceiling creates a further point of interest and adds to the sense of drama. In the kitchen the floating timber cabinetry with recessed strip lighting features dark timber bifold doors designed to conceal the inner workings of the kitchen from view and create a sleek profile. The space was also designed with concealed entrances to the pantry and the boot room. The family room speaks of unassuming style with a backlit stone effect central panel above a ribbon gas fire and illuminated dark grey stained oak shelves with a rear panel in antique bronze finish.

This is a classic example of how involvement at an early stage combined with intelligent design enabled us to evolve this family house into a uniquely intuitive home.

Simon Evans, Managing Director

Beyond the family room is a state of the art sound-proof cinema room. This space is entered via a secret door and is furnished in muted tones to create an atmosphere of relaxation. The walls are clad in sumptuous suede upholstered panels with recessed LED illumination.

Beyond the visual boundary created by the sky bridge can be found three of the bedroom suites including the master suite. In these spaces lighting is key and our design schemes include fabric wall coverings placed to reflect strategically placed lighting, intelligent placement of LED lighting behind wall plinths which create an ambient night light effect and niche details illuminated with hidden LEDs to create interest. Bespoke cabinetry is used to exquisite effect in the master dressing rooms where full height shoe display cabinets take pride of place. Designed with illuminated angle shelves, designer footwear is exhibited to maximum effect.

Contemporary super prime home Ribble Valley, UK - yellow cushions

The Process

June 2018

CGI of main informal living and kitchen dining

August 2019

Final window installations and internal & external doors being fitted.

September 2019

Mid install of the main bedrooms including the master, teenage daughters and guest bedrooms with bathrooms and bespoke dressing rooms.

October 2019

The start of the install for the main living areas including open plan kitchen, dining and day living rooms as well as the formal sitting room. Professional pictures to follow in Nov.

November 2020

After a long delay due to COVID restrictions our wonderful clients gave us full reign to capture their home in its full glory with stills and video. The amazing results 'just about' do it justice.

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