Extensive Farm development, Alderley Edge


A rambling collection of small barns and an original farmhouse were to be converted from agricultural use for the first time into a smart, up to date family home with leisure and entertainment facilities.

The Brief

To design a basement leisure space that included a wine cellar, cinema, dance floor, bar, pool, changing, steam and sauna as well as a gym.


Details & Specific Points of Interest

The moment you approach this basement you realise that you are about to be overwhelmed with a sensory overload. The split level basement allowed us to play zonally with the internal areas. We creating a walk through cinema space that was capable of being a fabulous through space as well as a stand alone room. This was achieved by starting with a shape, semi circular to the rear of the room, matched in the ceiling detail then bringing all incoming walls towards the space. The projector lense was cleverly hidden within a picture mounted on the rear wall, inside the headdress of a Moulin Rouge Dancer on the print.

Walls from the bar were finished in polished plaster which helped complete the reflective nature of the ‘bullet’ like tips. Stairs were curved and contained within the bullet tips and illuminated to create the perfect enticement to a spectacular bar beyond, complete with DJ decks and banquette seating as well as floor to ceiling glazing to enjoy views over the pool.

Within the pool a riven stone wall was shaped to contain two large Mother Of Pearl planters as a focal point amidst a dark mix of basalt stones, polished plaster and backlit onyx. Many LED’s were designed into pathways of light in both the ceilings and corridors and the centrepiece was a bespoke made chandelier that hung above the hot tub, itself sat on amid level above the pool.

A spa like feel was created in the corridor to the changing rooms by setting the floor away from the walls and adding some stepping stones. On arrival into the changing rooms a sink, formed from a solid, carved block of stone was the focal point where the water flowed on a long journey from the tap to the plug hole.

With that in mind we focussed on switching the guest bedroom and master, pinching some space from one to give to the other and in doing so created a sequence of double doors, lobby area, his and hers dressing rooms and bathrooms and an approach into the bedroom that drew the eye, created a real feature along the way in wall panelling, ceiling detail and fundamentally allowed you to arrive in a beautifully well scaled room at the right side of the bed so that you could enjoy the full attention of the bespoke, oversized headboard.

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