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Entrance Halls & Staircases

Spaces like the entrance halls and staircases are the unhailed heroes of the home. In the grand scheme of everyday life, they are often overlooked despite getting the majority of traffic.

You could argue that the entrance hall is the most important room in your home and holds just as much creative value as the main living areas. 

First Impressions

The design of this space is key as it makes that all important first impression when your guests arrive. It’s also the first thing you see when you return home, ready to shut the world away and wind down in your own special sanctuary. 

It’s the perfect space to make a statement and we ultimately do this by creating a clear focal point that the eye is instantly drawn to.

A showstopping chandelier

Incorporating numerous striking features such as a spectacular, bespoke made, central drop chandelier that descends through the floors and elegantly hangs above a stylish central table, which is placed at the foot of the stairs, not only adds to the grandeur of the space but it makes an impact upon entering. 

An arrangement of beautiful fresh flowers is also another lovely touch.

Impact for smaller spaces

If your hallway is on the smaller side, a classic console table placed against the wall not only adds to the aesthetic appeal but holds great practical value to everyday life. 

It can provide the perfect surface for placing everyday items such as keys or post, as well as it being a great place to showcase family photos.

Console Table Lighting

Incorporating items such as a warmly lit table lamp only adds to the atmosphere, as well as artwork hanging above which injects a feel of personality into the space.

Staircase Star Attraction

Another way to Incorporate a touch of luxury to your staircase and make an impact on your entrance hall is through integrating bespoke balustrading. 

Using unusual material choices and dramatic balustrades can all transform a stairwell into the central feature of the home.


Integrating symmetry into these spaces creates a sense of harmony and tranquillity as soon as you enter a property. It can easily be generated through using artwork, objects, furniture or lighting. 

We applied this approach to the entrance hall of one of our private residential projects. Both sides of the space mirror each other, from the benches and placement of the artwork to the tiled flooring, everything is symmetrical.

Lights for Different Purposes

It’s crucial to get the lighting right in the entrance of your home as it is the area that sets the tone for the rest of your property.

Lighting is especially striking in these areas because they typically contain less furniture than the other rooms in the house. Therefore, the use of an over-the-top, large statement chandelier can look particularly remarkable depending on the desired look you’re hoping to achieve.

Stair Tread Light Washes

Placing lighting at different heights and angles also adds another interesting dimension to a room especially when applied to a dramatic staircase.

Incorporating discreet low-level light fittings that cast a wash of light across each alternating step makes for a very visually appealing lighting solution on a more contemporary staircase which enhances the clean lines.

Changing Ambiance

For more mood lighting incorporating wall lights and spot lights to cast light over specific elements you’re wanting to project, such as artwork or architectural details can also be very effective.

Task Lighting

The aesthetics aren’t the only thing we strive to perfect, the ambiance your lighting portrays is just as important.
Incorporating a scheme that operates on multiple circuits so different variations of light can be accomplished depending on your mood, the weather, or the time of day is a considerable touch.

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