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Games Room

A dedicated private recreational space filled with all the best equipment and facilities to make for a fun and sociable night.
A space guaranteed to meet all your entertainment needs from hosting friends to providing a great place to escape for some much needed ‘you’ time.

The ultimate games room 

Games rooms can be a great option for families with children, keeping them and all their toys out of the main living areas and providing a space for them to entertain friends too.

These spaces are often considered alongside a bar and sometimes a dance floor to create the ultimate entertainment suite.



layout is key 

Layout is key when it comes to designing these spaces. 

Setting up different zones within the room and providing a designated place for each activity such as a bar, lounge, and games section, not only differentiates the areas, but it gives people destinations and encourages flow.


Ensuring a social environment 

Through doing so you will instantly pave the way for your guests to move from station to station, making for a more sociable experience all round.

Pool tables, table football, retro-style arcade games, a poker table, a board game station, a karaoke system, golf simulator and even bowling alleys are some of the endless features we can incorporate into our designs that keep you and your guests entertained for hours.

every detail is carefully considered

We consider the furniture in this space very carefully and incorporate bespoke cabinetry that can either be built around, conceal, or store the games you desire so they blend harmoniously and don’t look out of place in the room’s surroundings.

Each section should be easily accessible and ready to go at a moment’s notice for a fully functional luxury games room.

A variety of seating to suit the mood

Incorporating additional seating such as high tables and chairs around the different stations will encourage people to mingle and flow from section to section as well as having a main seating area which comprises deep, oversized sofas ensuring for a sociable environment all-round.

be daring with lighting 

We know that lighting is crucial when setting the scene. Integrating luxury wall lights, chandeliers, strategically placed lamps and dimly lit spotlights around the room will beautifully highlight each gaming station and will ensure an atmospheric vibe.


Let’s discuss your project

Send us some details of the project you have in mind by filling in our project contact form to better prepare us for your project requirements and we will book a call with you to discuss your new design.