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The finer details that pack a punch

2023 interior design trends – Coffee table styling. These are the tips and tricks our luxury interior designers are talking about to add that extra wow factor  and finishing touch to any living room interior. They are often unintentionally, the focal point in home design so getting the styling of them just right is a must. These are the coffee table styling tips and tricks our interior designers want you to know about and incorporate into your home interiors.

Pared back styling

 A styled coffee table is a beautiful living room interior design idea and making your coffee table styling simple is extremely impactful. The trick is to still leave plenty of space for you to still use the table for its purpose. If your coffee table has a beautiful surface material, you will want to show it off so this style may be more appropriate.

Consider incorporating the stacked coffee table book trend for a refined décor option that doesn’t take away from the table itself.

Use curves to create contrast 

This tactic focuses on making spaces feel comfortable – and one way to do that is incorporating a seating plan that centres around a coffee table.

Choosing a round coffee table is a clever styling trick – just as with a circular dining table, it encourages sociability in a space.

keep coffee table styling simple

Always remember that simplicity is best in interior design. A refined coffee table makes for a clutter free look.

With any room styling, always remember that simplicity is best. When a coffee table is clutter-free, it helps clear the mind and makes for a more relaxing environment.

Use your living room’s look or theme to guide or contrast with your coffee table styling – if the room is on the busier side then keep your table minimalistic, or, if the rest of the scheme is pared back then use the coffee table to pack a punch. this will really add the wow factor to your home  interior design.

Play With levels

Coffee table styling can help with a room’s proportions.

So if your living space has low ceilings, it makes sense to pick a coffee table that’s purposefully low. However, you can boost interest by picking a two-level coffee table design.

Get Scale and proportion right

Whether your living room scheme is colourful or more neutral you can still play with scale in interior design on your coffee table.

One tip is to only place pieces on it that won’t exceed a third of the height of the actual table, this way you’ll get the proportions right.