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While the spaciousness of a room is one of its peak qualities, adding content to it, allowing it to assume a certain stance, is what takes it from threadbare to threaded with design. Styling space in ways that ask it to perform, absolving its anonymity, invokes character, imposing proportions, lofty angles and adjacent ruling concepts to suggest regally affirming conditions.

The intricacy of the process means it essentially involves establishing a repertoire for the interior itself, choosing a design slant that imbues the environment with immaculate coordination. More distinctly, objects are given their rightful position, claiming the prominence they will have, layering tone on tone to create a clear distinction between what they impose and what their surroundings impose on their own terms. Furniture, fixtures and equipment, including cabinets, desks, sofas, lighting and appliances, are what make a space useable, designing it in ways that define how it can be articulated, assumed and moved through.

Home study

What Our Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment Team Do

Schematic Design

  • Invest in the client’s requirements.
  • Create a preliminary indicative plan.
  • Estimate the project’s budget.

Design Development

  • Confirm the costs of the project with the client.
  • Provide specifications.
  • Ensure the structure is in line with the approved budget.
Mark Wright Michelle Keegan home design

Sourcing & Supply

Our agency is situated within the UBER Interiors showroom

Our proposals come from immersing ourselves into each design brief, embracing the unexpected touches key to giving any space character. Seeing a project come together, taking shape, gives us license to start looking for the pieces we know will really define what we want the finished composition to achieve, working with a restrained palette to allow for an appreciation of each item. Our results are achieved and accomplished, polished in their refined materials and conscious presentation of style elements that pitch statement and personality.

Project Management

  • Logistics Coordination: We organise all operations of the process, ensuring all items are available when needed.
  • Client Communication: We maintain regular communication with clients to provide updates and address any concerns.
  • Documentation and Reporting: We provide detailed documentation and regular progress reports to keep all stakeholders informed.
Mark Wright Michelle Keegan home design

Vision-Led Schemes & Contemporary Interior Design

Luxury country inspired farmhouse bedroom

Our FF&E team have a flair for layering fabrics and materials to pull pieces together, working with tone, texture and trajectory to redefine a space. Often, the building itself can be a starting point, offering up architectural features and prominence that suggest strategies for how the decorative elements should be compiled. Selecting pieces to pull together a conceptual vision for an interior involves being proactive about wanting a room to look a certain way, focusing on a design slant that sits the scope anywhere between minimal and maximalist. Arching around the pivotal build, new features introduce new atmospheric elements, solidifying principle proportions in rooms that recall structure, shape and spatial sense.

Project Realisation

  • Client Walkthrough and Approval: We conduct a detailed walkthrough with the client to review the completed installations, making any necessary adjustments based on client feedback.
  • Post-Completion Support: We provide ongoing support and assistance after project completion to address any issues or concerns, ensuring client satisfaction and optimal use of the space.
Designing a millionaires villa

Our Services

Procurement of Built-in Equipment, Home Fixtures and Fittings:

Expertise in sourcing and purchasing integrated equipment, fixtures and fittings to meet project specifications.

Acquisition of Stand-alone Furniture:

Professional sourcing of free-standing furniture pieces to complement the overall design aesthetic.

Selection of Decor and Art:

Curating and sourcing decorative elements and artwork to enhance the interior space.

Order Expediting and Tracking:

Efficient management of order processing and tracking to ensure timely delivery of all items.

Logistical Planning:

Strategic planning to ensure all items are available on-site at the required time, minimising delays.

Product Acceptance and Reclamation:

Thorough inspection and acceptance of delivered products, including handling any necessary reclamations.

Installation and Project Close-out:

Professional installation services and final project close-out to ensure seamless completion.

Process Coordination:

Coordination of all phases of the process with the design team, external vendors, suppliers and the client to ensure cohesive project execution.

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Resolutely tonal schemes complete a room, whether they’re found in objects that complement or offset what a space is doing. Our service sources, selects and signs-off items that we know will sit together to form vital visual statements, collaborating in their forms to propose continual ambience and assurance to the design elements.
Talk to our team about our globally-recognised work, find out about our partnerships and cooperate on finding decorative elements that successfully style a space.

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Our Awards

The outstanding quality of our work is continuously being recognised by esteemed industry judging panels to thousands of public voters for prestigious awards within our community.

We are tremendously proud to be able to say that we have achieved more success at these highly respected award events than any other Interior Design studio outside of London.

What our clients say

We are honoured for the award recognition within our industry, but what really drives us is our clients appreciation for truly enhancing their lifestyle.

When I invited Design by UBER to create a lifestyle from a bland, open space I knew they would come up with something exciting but what they actually produced blew my mind!


Private Client, Cheshire UK

It is very rare to find an interior that I would personally describe as perfect, however a few days ago I discovered one that is just that. A grade II listed Georgian vicarage in Cheshire is a property like no other. Design by UBER has created something that is truly remarkable and has exceeded all benchmarks in luxury design.


Martyn White Design

Design Journalist & Interiors Blogger

We have recently finished refurbishing our kitchen/living area and principal bedroom and could not be happier with the results. Thanks to Design by Uber we have two incredible and beautiful spaces which have the WOW factor every time you walk in. They were great to work with – their creativity and eye for design and detail was excellent. Everything ties together perfectly! Following the success of the project we are now working with them on our study and can’t wait to have it finished too.

Claire Wilde

We cannot express our joy at what you have achieved for us


Private Client, South Africa

I was thoroughly impressed with their creativity. They were always very transparent about their costs and I was able to benefit from the discount on many items that they passed onto me. Their creative approach suited our grade II listed property perfectly and they sympathetically enhanced the existing character into a stunning family home. I couldn’t be more thrilled.

Sue Capper