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Mumbai, India

36 stories – World’s Most Expensive home?

Yes that’s correct, not a typo. Our client is creating possibly the largest residence in the world. Standing some incredible thirty-six stories high (with a retail unit on the ground floor). It more than rivals it’s neighbours in Breach Candy for spectacular views and sea edge positioning.


Billion Dollar Home

At 145 meters tall an approximate space of 200,000 sqft with 36 storeys and each floor occupying a space of approx 5,000sq ft JK House is the second tallest private building in India. The record (in case you’re wondering) goes to the famous neighbour Antilia (with “only” 34 storeys) and is considered the most expensive building in India valued at over $1billion by Forbes and would be the most expensive in the world were it not for Buckingham Palace.

Architecture envisaged by James Law Cybertecture. Early proposals and graphic renders featured more glass external fluidity and a party pod.

Two Hundred Thousand Square Feet

These neighbours share incredible sunsets over the ocean in the exclusive coastal district of Breach Candy, a suburb of Mumbai, India.

The separate living family home consists of a mixture of living and office space with a ground-level retail unit. Five floors are set aside for parking and a car museum – as the owner has a particular involved passion (public access available) for motorsport. Two floors for aquarium features, 2 private pools, recreational areas, a wellness spa & gym and a roof helipad. 

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