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Enhanced Family Home & Basement

This project involved an attractive property on a residential road in Prestbury, Cheshire which benefitted from an extensive basement space. However, prior to our involvement, this was an under-used part of the house.

Configured as one large room and a smaller storage room, it was little more than a functional area.

By maximising the space and offering a fully specified and finished design service, we completely converted the basement transforming it into a luxurious place to spend time socialising with friends and family.

The Brief

The brief involved us to reconfigure the unused basement space to create a glamorous media and entertainment area perfect for entertaining. A secondary brief was to restyle the property’s main lounge.




557 m²

Project Type

Design Update


6 Months

Specific Points of Interest

By maximising the space and offering a fully specified and finished design service, we completely converted the basement transforming it into a luxurious place for our clients to spend time socialising with friends and family.

We transformed the room with dark and ambient tones, breathing new life into it and creating an elegant and inviting place to socialise.

Open Grain Wood

The feature bar is a clear focal point in the room and is designed with cabinetry in grey stained oak. It features hidden LED lighting to the underside of the bottle display shelves and a mirrored back which reflects the light and highlights the cabinetry.  

Exquisite Materials

The cabinetry is offset perfectly by the stunning faux stone worktop and the cupboards showcase a wealth of intricate details including leather inlay panels, antique bronze trim and antique bronze edge pull handles.

Along with the bar, this area of the room also boasts a pool table and a host of retro arcade games.


Reception Room Updates

Over and above completion of the entertainment area we were also invited to remodel the main reception lounge in the house. The brief again was for full product specification and the only stipulation was to maintain the existing fireplace.

For a classic and stylish look we opted for a design utilising a neutral colour palette.  Interest and richness of tone was achieved by the addition of textures and darker colours with the accessories.

Soft, Durable Materials

The space is dressed with a charmingly understated L shaped sofa arrangement with buttoning to the seating as well as a timber base detail.

Occasional chairs with high backs and a sloping arm detail suit the formality of the room perfectly whilst a contemporary element is added through using a contrasting fabric to the front and back.


Understated Elegance

We used a variety of textures and materials throughout to create a feeling of understated comfort. Large-scale neutral geometrics and mottled textures that sit alongside velvets and soft satins in tones of rich blues and silvery greys. Whilst the neutral tones used in the triple pinch pleat curtains create an impact in the space without being too overpowering.


Key Pieces

The epitome of elegance, a sideboard in stained timber with mirror panels to the door and an intricate timber pattern detail, graces one of the walls.

Scatter cushions on the sofa and occasional chairs allude to comfort and refined relaxation whilst the placement of accessories from our sister company UBER Interiors such as a textured stone bowl in earthy tones filled with fresh flowers and  Baobab scented candles create an atmosphere of understated luxury.


This project allowed us to fully express our credentials in terms of turnkey interior design and product specification.

The different tones required in each of the rooms enabled us to offer great diversity with the two schemes that we delivered.

Simon Evans, managing director

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