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Prestbury, Cheshire UK

Comanding Georgian Update

This classical home with colonial touches in the affluent Cheshire village of Prestbury, required a renovation and update from our interior design services to give it some layout direction and luxurious designed elements with a light and feminine appeal.

The Brief

To respect the very classical detail of the Georgian era and to design every internal aspect of the property, applying suitable contemporary twists whilst keeping a neutral and sophisticated palette.


Prestbury,  Cheshire UK


4,000 sq ft

Project Type

Sympathetic Update


6 Months

Details & Specific Points of Interest

The setting out detailing of the hallway was just one masterclass in tiling layouts, their relationship to timber moulding details, staircase balustrading, covings, columns and the central fire.

This was a task that had so many knock on effects if it hadn’t been drawn or executed to perfection. The end result is something that we are very proud of.

The hand finished, antique mirrored wall reflected the stunning traditional crystal chandelier of the dining room which leads to a Vale conservatory and hand made kitchen.

To ensure we had created a property true to the proportions of Georgian homes we included for wall thicknesses that would allow for window shutters, floor to ceiling heights that allowed us to include large covings, architraves and header details.

The master bathroom was designed to be a glamorous yet tranquil haven for bathing. The bath itself was set on a baguette cut mirror plinth, centralised on a full length window with views over the adjoining fields.

All of the furniture package was chosen and procured by ourselves and reflects the sophisticated elegance of the structural envelope of the property. We pride ourselves on delivering quality soft furnishings, bespoke curtains and blinds and lighting as well as every detail down to the accessories that give a home it’s heart and soul.

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