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Manchester, UK

House of Evelyn beauty salon

Incorporating a full suite of complementary services and much more than merely Interior Design to imagine a new brand with desires to be the number one beauty destination in the North of England (as an initial goal).

[News Update] We have since gone on to open a second successful House of Evelyn salon in the affluent Northern coastal town of Southport UK within the Vincent Hotel.

The Brief

Our young entrepreneur wanted to “create a scalable new brand in luxury beauty salons that would look at home in any major international city”.

The chosen location for this initial launch boutique was a disused café surrounded by Manchester’s finest hangout icons in the coveted Spring Gardens.

To set this apart we wanted this to be the ultimate luxury beauty experience conceptualized as a top-to-toe journey through the salon which could entail one-after-another treatments – if so desired. This means you can leave the salon fully complete and pampered looking and feeling fabulous down to finishing touches such as your perfume of choice.

There was an initial challenge of space planning to convert the space into a commercial unit accommodating 4 key elements: spray tanning, hair & makeup, manicure and pedicure sections as well as spa treatment zones.


Manchester UK


1,500 sq ft

Project Type

Design Concept & Fit out


 18 Months

The Design

From the customer’s initial entry we designed all the zones to be visible to entice one immediately.

The nail bar is front of house as a social spot to share a glass of bubbly and is designed with a clear top surface to showcase the additional nail enhancement products available along with a candy store approach to the double-fronted display of products behind and in the front window.

We had a specific challenge with the acoustic protection between the zones as we wanted to keep the hair and makeup upbeat with appropriate music, yet protect a calmer tranquil mood in the treatment and massage spa area.

Before & After of the Commercial space

Creating ‘the look’

Bespoke surfaces consisted of automotive-level paint which was applied in 22 layers to give a durable and polished feel with a high reflection to compliment the polished brass (which can be seen as details like skirting board and architrave inserts) and pick out the gold veins in the Calacatta Oro marble floor.

The tinted antiqued mirror helps reflect an air of sophistication. A great deal of thought was given to the mechanical and electrical elements, as example, the integrated ambient lighting to the cabinetry with adjustable levels as well as bespoke pendants and all zones are equipped with independent temperature control.

In a £1m venture we have helped Evelyn Cong realise her dream of opening a super-salon, House of Evelyn’s, in the heart of Manchester’s hot spot.

Simon Evans, MD Design by UBER

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