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Alderley Edge, Cheshire UK

Neo-classical residence, Alderley Edge

This was an architectural challenge that brought together two existing properties with a new-build central section to create one 25,000 sq ft super-prime home, whilst retaining the architectural merit of two fabulous Alderley Edge Villas.

We set out to enhance their grandeur and bring them into the 21st century with a lifestyle that befitted a luxury hotel.

The Brief

This entrepreneurial young family entrusted Design by UBER to design entirely the Interior Architecture, space planning, finishes details and components of all areas.


Alderley Edge, Cheshire UK


25,000 sq ft

Project Type

Internal Architecture


36 Months

Hand carved fireplaces – Designed by us and manufactured under our direction overseas from solid marble blocks.

High gloss doors – oversized and burnished with an 18 layer process to give the ultimate in luxury mirror finish over a bitter chocolate stained oak.

Separate, secret 10 car garage – to accommodate the private collection of classic cars, designed as an underground vault of value increasing vehicles.

Turkish influences in the décor such as the mirror detailing in the pool and the hamman. – The client’s wife was Turkish and wanted to bring some of her culture into the décor. It seemed an obvious place would be to design this in to the leisure facilities where a Turkish Hamman was the pinnacle of the space. Moorish designs were detailed into the pool side mirrors, leading the eye towards the oversized hamman doors with their ornate handles.

The double sided fireplace from lounge to pool. – A family snug was the perfect spot to spill over from the pool and in order to add to the harmony of the two spaces we designed in a huge, contemporary see through gas fire which was detailed to act as the wall division between the two rooms.

The incredible basement entertaining space that contained a home theatre, bowling lanes, a central, walk through wine cellar, a bar and aquarium. – The incredible ceiling heights of the basement leisure space provided for an awe inspiring journey into the depths of the extravagance of this home. This whole space was made for entertaining, it was about family, friends and indulgence self evident from the walk through wine cellar to the theatre, complete with stage and specialist lighting. Bowling lanes provide entertainment for all ages whilst a very serious adult bar with a complete aquarium back wall offers every conceivable cocktail.
The grand double-sided staircase made from solid cantilevered stone, designed By Uber was a feast for the eyes, a first impression befitting the spaces that were yet to be unveiled.

The study – a wall to wall high gloss custom study based loosely on The Oval Office and complete with hand carved fireplace gave recognition to the achievements of this self made Captain of Industry.

The dressing room with lift access and a separate sunglasses and accessories room added the finale to a house that has got literally everything.

The bespoke high gloss kitchen with circular island detail that contained a Tepan station was designed to create a ‘theatre’ of a kitchen, a central stage tepan station where children could be entertained in the preparation and cooking of every meal.

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